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Leading the way in Cannabinoid Isomerizations and Conversion Research

Welcome to Underground Alchemy, the oldest Texas Hemp Derived Delta-8 manufacturing group. With lots of experience and lots of knowledge, we're doing our best to bring the simplest and cleanest products to market.


A huge thanks to everyone who has supported us and been with us from the start!

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We offer wholesale on all of our products, please contact us to set up an account and get your shelves stocked with Underground Alchemy products. 

Distributors, please plan on signing contracts if you're trying to work with us.

Not sure what things or certain words even mean? Well that's alright, we've got you covered. From simple to complex answers, we can definitely do our best and try to explain some of our findings to you.


Contact us to start your own line of products today! We have formulas already set up in house, and have lots of packaging toys. If you're wanting to run your own custom, we can do that too, send us an email to get started today!

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